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Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote

Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote

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Special Feature

 Head and Foot Incline


 Zero Gravity

 Adjustable Leg Heights Bed Frame


Size                                Twin XL
Product Dimensions    78.7"L x 36.8"W x 15.1"H
Color                              Grey


Size                                Queen (U.S. Standard)
Product Dimensions     78.7"L x 58.3"W x 15.1"H
Color                               Grey


About this item

  • Zero-Gravity Sleep Experience:Through the unique design of our adjustable beds, users can adjust the bed's angle to achieve a zero-gravity sleep experience. This sensation feels like alleviating the body's pressure, creating a relaxing floating feeling that facilitates a quicker transition into deep sleep, promoting comprehensive physical and mental relaxation.
  • Three-Stage Adjustable Function:The electric beds feature a three-stage adjustable function, allowing users to easily customize the bed's angle to find the most comfortable sleeping position. Whether it's for watching TV, reading, or simply seeking a perfect relaxation experience, this three-stage adjustment enables users to tailor their sleep environment.
  • Seamless Furniture Integration: Our electric beds are more than just furniture; they seamlessly integrate into home spaces as a perfect element. With a sophisticated design, they can seamlessly blend into any home decor, not only providing outstanding functionality but also enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home.
  • Unique Design for Ultimate Comfort:Our electric beds stand out with a unique design that prioritizes not only advanced functionality but also comfort. Every detail is meticulously designed to provide users with an ultimate comfort experience, allowing them to feel the unparalleled quality and care during their sleep.
  • Elegance Meets Functionality: The soft illumination from the under-bed lighting creates a tranquil atmosphere for evening relaxation. Integrated USB ports keep your devices fully charged and within reach.
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